About Us

Meet the Founder of Dop Antiques

Where it all Started

  Meet Michiel Dop founder of Dop Antiques. Growing
up in the Netherlands, from a young age Michiel had an interest in
antiques that eventually turned into a passion that he shared with his best
friend. Together they would venture around Europe to find unique pieces for his
friend’s shop. Sharing a passion for antiques and travel, Michiel came to New
Orleans visiting family and saw a need for authentic European antiques here.
Soon after he and his then wife moved to the city and he started the journey to
becoming one of the best sources in the South for antiques and custom furniture.

  In the beginning Michiel only sold to Dealers
and designers, being the main person that they could come to for “exclusive
imported pieces”. However, after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina Dop
Antiques was the last man standing for many dealers to restart their businesses
as well as people just looking to replace furniture that they lost. Deciding to
open the business to the public was huge and opened many opportunities for the
business. Including offering different time pieces to the film industry as well
as creating custom furniture from raw and refurbished materials. First it was
only tables, but over the years Dop Antiques has expanded to select furniture
and even custom finishing furniture. This has allowed the business to expand to
other local businesses and restaurant owners, working closely with them to make
their visions for their business come true. This has been very fulfilling for Michiel
and helped the business support the local community. 

 As fulfilling as creating things with his hands has been, Michiel’s main passion
has still remained finding and buying pieces that are unique.

After 20+ years of growing the business, Michiel
has decided to retire and turn over the business to someone that has the same
morals and values that has helped the business thrive for over two decades.